Wednesday, 22 May 2013


This is my running an errand outfit. I'm gonna go for food shopping in a bit so I should wear something comfortable. Its still a bit cold where I am to wear sleeveless clothes so I opt for a bit of layering with a printed short sleeve top and a 3/4 inner shirt to shield me away from cold even without wearing a jacket. Hope you like it. :)

1.) Black Topshop Tee

2.) H&M graphic print top- got them in the sales for £3. H&M Shop is definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for sales, they always got something in the sales that is worth buying.  :)

3.) Next leggings

4.) Deichmann boots

5.) Juventus hat

6.) Sunglasses from Internationale- its on sale for £3.

7.) Bright neon bracelets from Charity Shop - I only paid £1 for them, absolutely worth having, perfect accessories for spring and summer.

Till next time my dear readers and thanks for stopping by, please keep checking my blog for my cheap great finds on the high street and cool fashion inspiration. Kisses xx

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