Wednesday, 29 May 2013


We all been down this road before, where people just don’t have anything nice to say so they talk shit about you and discourage you from doing what you want  to do. I’m experiencing this at the moment but its fine, I’m cool with it and there’s no reason to be bothered about it, in short I don’t give a shit!! (excuse moi  for my French) LOL!!. If this is happening to you, well don’t freacked out just chill!! Don’t be bothered and don’t let this negative thoughts get into you. People want something to talk about all the time so give them something to talk about haha, that will surely annoy them if you show them that you are enjoying every minute of it :)

At the end of the day its your life. You will meet lots of people that will discourage or not supportive of you from pursuing your dreams on what you want to become, but just remember to never lose sight of that goal, dream big, don’t be afraid to do anything that is out of your comfort zone and always look out for opportunities to better yourself.

The road to success is never smooth or easy there are lots of ups and down and life itself has full of temporary failure and of course surprises but we just have to get on with our lives keep moving forward and envision the goal that you want to achieve.

I hope I didn’t bore you with my talks about life haha, I love giving advices to people and just want to be an inspiration to others. :) There are many things that I still want to discuss but will talk about that next time. Anyway lets get on with today’s look.


1.) Denim jacket from Kickers
2.) Check green vest thrifted- £1
3.) Skirt thrifted - £1
4.) Boots from New Look
5.) Hat thrifted- £1

Thanks for reading guys, hope you found some inspiration for your daily looks or in some way I inspired you to be more experimental with fashion, so keep checking my blog for great finds on the high street and everything cheap, after all we really can look fashionably good without breaking our bank accounts. Cheers guys and have a great week xoxo :)

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