Wednesday, 12 June 2013


After two weeks of continuous glorious sunshine without any patch of rain the weather turned miserable again, very veryyyyyy grey skies indeed haha!! Typical English weather is back boooo!! No wonder many people from here work so hard to earn a decent money to get away for holidays abroad get some sunshine as well as a well deserve break away from the cold. Well I guess if you grow up here you'll get used to it.

Feeling grunchy today?? Oh yes I am!! So today I decided to dress up like one, but not to look like a homeless person wandering off the streets lol.

Grunge fashion are everywhere I see it among young people and ohh boy, I'm so impressed how they can pull off such look. They looked like some character in the 90's music videos like one of my favourite 90s band Nirvana. I noticed those kids were looking haggard-ish, looks like they didn't have a bath in weeks, didn't change their worn out jeans for a month, smoking like chimney and smelling like tobacco.. (forgive me for talking gross lol!!) They've really gotten into the whole 90s vibe, which is interesting and unique for me as I haven't seen that kind of fashion for such a long time.

This trend is all about mixing and matching, wearing layers and being messy, so don't be afraid to experiment trying the grunge look and make that style your own, ohh by the way a nose piercing wouldn't hurt either. :D


1.) Statement Shirt from Tammy- you gotta love statement shirts, love wearing them especially if I'm in a mood for having a goodtime and a laugh with friends, it attracts attention from strangers too, so if you want be notice by strangers, a statement shirt is your bestfriend. :)

2.) Hollister plaid red plaid shirt- this is a big summer trend now, and definitely a must have in your wardrobe.

3.) Miss Selfridge skinny jeans

4.) Vintage style Nike sneakers/trainers

5.) Sunglasses from Internationale- sale for £3.

Hope you enjoy today's outfit, please keep checking my blog for outfit inspirations and great finds on the high street. Thanks for reading beautiful readers and please do visit us again. xoxo :)

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