Monday, 10 June 2013


Its festival season guys, yayyy!! who's excited? Summer is the perfect season to celebrate and enjoy the different festivals and events that are happening at this time of the year. This is a time to forget about the dramas of the depressing winter that we had (goodness me, that winter lasted long this year haha) I’m so glad winter is over and looking forward for more sun, great parties, hanging out with friends and cold drinks, ohh yeaaa!!!

Two weeks ago I was at the Caribbean Carnival, It was a brilliant sunny day full of festival style, partying and of course my favourite thing to do food tripping yayyy!! Who can resist the Caribbean foods especially the jerk chicken Mmmm yum, yum, so delicious and full of flavour like the Caribbean culture.

Everybody was in party mood, the sun was shining and its really the best time to go out, enjoy and party. The participants in the carnival were all dressed in colourful and extravagant costumes, drum thumping, dancing non- stop and getting the crowd going to party more yeahhh love that. Caribbean people really knows how to throw a party. The best party ever!!!!!!

Too bad I didn’t take some photos while they were dancing ‘cause I forgot to bring my extra battery eww (worst thing that can ever happen) and my camera battery was running low, so just reserved that extra life of my battery to take today’s outfit shots. I was also the designated photographer of my friends and all were relying on me to take photos of everyone, good thing my battery didn’t let me down haha.

This outfit is great to wear for festivals, it gives you that young, fresh, rock edge vibe that you really want, while still looking pretty and fabulous. What do you think? Here its is… take a look!!! :)


1.) Dorothy Perkins sequined embellished top

2.) Hi-Low skirt thrifted - are you loving this skirt as much as I do? its a real steal, got this in the charity shop for £1. I wouldn’t expect to get a skirt this gorgeous, unique and stylish for that price, I’m so sooo lucky. I guess I have to do  more rummaging to find the best ones haha. What about you guys do you like having a trip to the thrift/charity shops? Share with me your great finds.

3.) Deichmann boots

4.) Bracelets from Republic- it was on sale for £1.

Hope you enjoy and got inspired on today’s look, and wishing that your summer will be filled with joy, fun and excitement whatever summer activities you’re planning to do. Thanks my beautiful readers, time for me to enjoy more sunshine xoxo :)