Sunday, 16 June 2013


Now that summer is here everyone's asking what to do this summer? Well there's a lot of things that you can do that doesn't cost you anything if you are on a tight budget.

As much as possible I would like to spend more time outdoors if I'm not working, doing things that I love like gardening, going to the parks, cycling, walking in the woods and most of all going to the shopping centres for inspirations and watch people passed by ahh the best inspiration ever haha, I can watch them all day and can be inspired by them.

Summer is also a great way to learn something new (now that you have a lot of precious time to waste lol) like learning a new sport, take a new hobby or maybe research something online depending on your interest, by the time summer is over you'll be experienced in all sorts random.. its something that you can be proud of yourself. Who wouldn't like that? Make your summer memorable guys and don't be a couch potato. Get out of the house and get moving :)

While there's still some sun outside, let me enjoy some sunshine, relax and think where I should go for summer holidays, should I stay here for the holidays or should I go? LOL! What about you my friends have you got your summer holidays sorted? Where will you go? Enjoy the rest of the day.


1.) H&M top- this cute striped top was on sale when I bought it, only £7. A really great find without breaking my bank haha :)

2. New Look leggings

3.) Boots from Charity Shop- got this cool boots for only £2, good as new, so happy with my purchased.

Hope you like today’s outfit guys, please keep checking my blog for great finds and cheap fashion stuff that I found on the high street. Have a fun week ahead, Stay cool and always wear a smile on your face :)


  1. Beautiful pictures, I like your top a lot and only £7 (great buy).
    I'm following you back on G+
    Dusana :-)

    1. Thank you so much Dusana, you are wonderful. Will vsit your blog again :)
      Yeah the top is a real steal indeed, obsessed with buying on the sales as long as they are less than 10 quid haha :)

  2. very nice!

    please follow me if you like!

  3. Wow 2 pounds for those boots.Like impossible!!
    You look great anyway,love your hair :)

  4. Cute! I would love love love to travel to NYC, Paris, and Tokyo this summer. A nice little adventure is much needed in my life.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  5. I love your post!
    Thanks for your comment, my video will be online in the week end I think ;)