Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Party Like A Rockstar

Hi guys, its been a while since the last time I posted an outfit post, sorry been missing in action for a while, August has been my busiest month so far, to be honest I can't wait for what September will bring haha. Hope you guys are feeling good and enjoying the rest of the summer season. I must admit that I don't feel like its still summer 'cause of all the rain that we are getting here, but hopefully this week will be more warmer and no more rain if the forecast is true, fingers crossed.. :)

Anyway here's my crazy outfit that has a mixed of everything.. print on print that I wore on my friend’s birthday house party :) What do you think? Cool or not?? LOL!! :) I love house parties, it can get a bit crazy when we are with the company of our friends right? just like in my photos, we were just messing about with clothes and having fun mixing and matching and taking each other's photo, trying to be creative and resourceful and this was the best that I came out with lol :) Enjoy and till next time. xoxo :)


1.) Next top

2.) Primark bow skirt

3.) Sarong used as a scarf from Charity Shop - £1

4.) New look leggings

5.) Boots from Charity Shop - £2

6.) Kickers denim jacket

7.) Earrings and necklace from Dorothy Perkins - They're on sale for £1 each.


  1. Cool outfit! Hahah what's up with the nunchucks lol?

  2. I love your fabulous styling of this outfit, great print mix! Thanks for sharing your VMA style perspective with me.