Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Let’s go green shall we? Summer already comes to an end, sad face :( but that doesn't stop me from wearing summer outfits haha, well as long as the sun is shining its fine we can wear whatever we want right guys? Also now that its already September and its getting colder day by day to be honest I'm not looking forward to wear heavy woollies, coats and turtle neck tops aww what a shame, I hate the cold and hate wrapping up, if only summer can stay forever but we have to move on to the next season, well that's life.. but I'm so looking forward for what the autumn season will bring especially this month of September, yeahh baby you guess it right its Fashion Week season, excited much.. :) Who's excited for the fashion week?

Anyway I'm loving this gorgeous animal print dress that I got from the charity shop cheap and chic, paired it with a striped cardigan for a pop of patterns perfect for the chilly autumn weather and a cool hat for that urban and edgy look. Let me know what you think. :)


1.) Animal print dress from Charity Shop - as usual I got them for £1, good as new, nice isn’t it? Reminds me of Roberto Cavalli animal print dresses, so gorgeous and edgy.

2.) Gap brown striped cardigan

3.) Boots and Scarf from Charity Shop

4.) Juventus Hat

Hope you like today’s outfit post and thanks for stopping by. Please keep checking my blog for my great finds on the high street, the one pound challenge is still on haha, still got plenty to show you guys so keep checking... xoxo :)


  1. Awesome hat! I love the outfit :)


  2. Super blog : ) Do you want to follow each other?

  3. Great outfit! Love the hair too!