Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Colours of Autumn

Autumn has finally arrive here, today is so windy and a bit colder than this past few days, indian summer already comes to an end and freezing temperatures are expected this weekend, aww not looking forward to that.. I will miss Summer 2013 for sure.

Today I decided to dress up something autumn-ish, a bright and colourful turtle neck frill jumper and a cobalt blue shorts. I see many people wearing cobalt blue outfits whenever I go out in the supermarket, in the shopping centres its everywhere, this colour is definitely hot this season along with the plaids and tartans. Do you agree? What other trends do you notice in where you live? I want to know. :)

To be honest I'm not really into trends, I just wear what I like, depends on my mood, for me if you look fabulous then you are fashionable enough, we tend to worry too much about our outfits right? especially us girls, we get so stressed about what to wear if we are going to an event, well girls, you don't have to worry too much if what you're wearing is on trend or its perfect enough, in my opinion it is better to start your own trend, I'm sure somebody out there will notice you for your style, and when that somebody complimented you on your outfit, that's the start of a new trend, more than likely they will copy your style, and when you notice that they are copying your style then its time to make a new trend.. Who doesn't like to be a trendsetter? haha. What do you think? Do you like following the trends or not? Let me know.


1.) Turtleneck frill jumper/top from charity shop- this top has no label and size when I bought it but thought it will fit me perfectly and it did haha. This unique looking tangerine colour jumper is only £1.

2.) H&M cobalt blue shorts

3.) New Look white sunglasses- Sale for £1.

4.) Neon bracelets- £0.50 from Charity Shop. Aren’t they cute and colourful??

5.) Deichmann boots

Hope you enjoy today’s outfit and hope I can inspire you in my own little way, thank you so much for stopping by till next time beautiful people xoxo.


  1. Love the color of your shirt!

    Marisa Silva

  2. Very nice look. Great day.

  3. Hi Michelle, cute look.

    Dusana :-)

  4. So pretty! I love the color combination! And I totally agree with you about fashion trends ;)

  5. Love this colour on you, its radiant, such a wonderful look for the season!

  6. Cute turtle neck love the panels. It is not really cold here yet really though not hot but a bit muggy.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  7. Nice outfit :)

    Marisa Silva

  8. Looking lovely my friend. I adore the colours to your outfit. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.