Sunday, 27 October 2013

Michael Kors Event and Vivienne Westwood

I was so fortunate to get invited to Michael Kors "How I Wear My Kors" Event yesterday 26th October 2013 at Selfridges Trafford Centre in Manchester. It was such a busy event, with delicious nibbles and champagne to greet their guests while checking on the latest Michael Kors collection. The party athmosphere were just getting started when I got there, well I'm an hour late due to the location of this place, and I'm telling you this place is not an easy place to get into from where I live, the only mode of transport is to take a bus journey for an hour and twenty minutes HAHA, oh the things that fashion bloggers do just to attend some events lol  hilarious!! 'cause of that I ended up  missing the live styling session with stylist/blogger Angela Scanlon, but nevermind the fun doesn't stop there because Celebrity/ model Daisy Lowe was also present and DJing during the event, was lovely to meet her, such a nice and sweet girl in person.

My favourite part of the event would have to be the Michael Kors photo booth yayy!! silliness to the highest level HaHa!!, you get to choose from 4 bags that you like to use in your photo and they will take 4 shots of you with your chosen bag, its up to you how you want to rocked the bag, they'll give you a print to take home with and you if you want you can share the photo right there and then in one of your social media accounts, couldn't get any better than that they are also running a competition were you can win a head to toe Michael Kors look worth over £1,000 on instagram using the hashtag #HowIWearMyKors but its only for UK residents, more information about this on website.

Didn't get enough photos from Michael Kors collection, missed the best bits of it, was so many people in the way walking around and it get can really annoying specially if you're trying you're best to take a good photo and they are on your way, disaster!!! haha, so ended up to nearby stand, its less busy and the collection are so eye catching and interesting so why not blog about it? right? :)

The nearby stand beside Michael Kors is Vivienne Westwood, I thought I could share with you some pieces from her amazing collection that is so inspirational, love and adore so much. I also would like to thank the lovely gentleman working over at Vivienne Westwood with great hair who's really friendly and accommodating to take my photos, got nobody with me to take my photos that day, so happy he agreed blessed him :)

Really had a fabulous time, would attend events like this again in the future can't wait, thanks for dropping by guys, really appreciate your comments, will be posting about fashion week and vogue fashion's night out soon. Keep smiling dolls xx

What I wore:

1.) Suede jacket- present from a friend.

2.) Next monochrome floral dress/top

3.) TKMaxx Boots


  1. Love your style and outfit! I envy you for going to such a great event!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  2. Hope you enjoyed the event!
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  3. Great event! I can see that you really enjoyed it! I have the red one! ;)

  4. Wow great event. Can we follow each other? Love
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  5. Lucky girl!!!!!
    a beautiful event and pretty you!

  6. Looks like so much fun! Adore those bags!

    xx Karolina

  7. Very great event, love red bag!
    Lucky you!



  8. Lucky you! Great event! :)
    Kisses from Italy,

  9. Sounds like a fantastic event hun! Those bags are such classic beauties, You look so elegant.Thanks for stopping by sweety :)

  10. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    Marisa Silva

  11. What a fantastic event! I'd be like I child in toy store :D Also love the floral dress you're wearing!

    Aisling xx

  12. You wore an really cool outfit and it was sure perfect for this fantastic sounding event! Thanks for sharing and your super nice comment on my blog <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  14. The red bag is very nice.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  15. That's so exciting and wonderful. Loving your stylish pictures.

  16. Great post dear! I'm following you too on google+ *.*
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  17. Oh dear you were so lucky indeed!! I love both MK and Vivienne Westwood immensely <3
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  18. you have a great blog :D

  19. oh the red bag is so pretty!♥ you look amazing!:)

  20. Love the bags, you look so elegant sweety! Have a great and productive week ahead dear!

  21. So gorgeous, just look at those incredible bags!