Monday, 20 January 2014

River Island January Sale

Yayyy new clothes again! Hooray for River Island Sale! Well, look what I found a River Island wet look skater skirt for £5 before it was £30. How amazing.. I wish River Island would stop putting their prices like this, this is making me poor Haha!! Just can't believe what a steal this skirt is, don't know why but I always find it hilarious when I see trendy stuff like this on a sale rack, I wonder why they are on the sale, this is a real steal don't you think?

Do you love shopping in the sales? What's the cheapest that you bought from your favourite high street shops? Let me know. Will be posting more high street bargains and great finds so keep checking.  xoxo


  1. Super trendy!!!!
    Have a lovely day darling!!! Kiss

  2. What a fabulous bargain, great buy, the skirt is so chic.Thanks for lending me your thoughts on the SAG Awards.

  3. Love your post !
    Great skirt


    From Casablanca with love

  4. Love the skirt!!!! :)

  5. This is a great find and the price is insane!!! Hope you'll enjoy it! :)

  6. Oh, wow, that amaaaazing skirt for £5? I am so amazed! It really looks fantastic! I don't particularly buying during sales, but if I see something reduced it's always nice! Well done! denisesplanet com