Friday, 28 February 2014

Rihanna at the Christian Dior Fashion Show in Paris

Fashion killa Rihanna looks like a sexy French maid at the Dior fashion show today. Rihanna wore a Dior silk black dress and red stretched mink coat. She also wore a Dior "Mise en Dior" necklace and bracelet with gold finish and cream resin pearls, Dior sunglasses and Dior leather gloves. What do you think about this ravishing red Dior look?


  1. That red coat is fabulous!

  2. As I said in my previous comment I find Rihanna super stylish and her outfits always look perfect on her! I don't know why but I can't say I really like this outfit of hers as well. I guess it's better from the previous one and I actually like the red coat but I think she is just trying too hard to impress! Have a lovely weekend dear.x

  3. She's one of beautiful girl. Love her red coat here! kisses!

  4. Great necklace! Have a great weekend! =)


  5. WOW... I want this red coat, NOW!!!!!!
    KIsses darling!

  6. I really want to like the quirkiness of this look but this is the Dior show and with everyone else looking so posh and polished at it, I think RiRi should have decided on something more elegant. Did you like it Michelle? And were you just as shocked at her look the night before? Have a relaxing and unwinding weekend hun!

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  8. I must be the only person in then world that doesn't like Rihanna, style or music aha. I think this is a bit too sexy for a fashion week but oh well x

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