Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Inspiration Wednesday

Class is not defined by the logo on your clothing or the car you drive, it is defined by your character and attitude towards others. So before you react, ask yourself  "Is it even worth it"?

Have a great day friends, be safe, be smart and be nice!! :)


  1. love the photo you have for this inspiring post! :)
    have a happy week dear!~

    xoxo, rae

  2. Amen! Amen! Say it again! HAHAHA That is so true. Love it.

  3. Very wise words! i love this quote!


  4. Great words Michelle, that is so true!!!!!
    Have a lovely day doll!

  5. so true Michelle !!!

  6. Michelle... thank you soooo much for that sentence "is it worth it?" I was struggling here whether to answer to a very cruel email from a friend (???) about a personal thing - and I now think... is it worth answering that? Obviously she must have been angry at her own life and wrote awful things, but... it's not worse replying. Thanks for that!!!!! And my grandmother always told me that "people who have things don't show off". A very classy and wise lady. Today we see the urge, the need of showing off things, so... character started to be unimportant in our society. Thank you again for this amazing post!

  7. Dear Michelle, you are so right, and this post is again a confirmation of your wisedom! I ask often myself if it is worth, and discover also often that it isn't worth - to buy the thing, to angry about, to take effort in it ...

    And the picture is also gorgeous!

    Kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. Very wonderfull post :-D Thank you for visiting my blog! Do you want to see my last post?

  9. Hi Michelle, this is wonderfully said, so true,class can't be bought, it has to learnt and attained with clever fine tuning. Hope you enjoyed the bank holiday. I love looking at blogs for inspiration. South African fashion is very different in each major city, Cape Town is more trendy and vintage, Johannesburg is more glamourous and the seaside cities are more laid-back surfer chic. Depends where you go, but quite colorful. Thanks for your kind review on my last post, Happy Friday!